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traductions de đủ

VI FR Français 3 traductions
VI EN Anglais 2 traductions
VI ES Espagnol 4 traductions
VI IT Italien 2 traductions
  • adeguato (adj) [equal to some requirement]
  • abbastanza (determiner adv pronoun int) [sufficient, sufficiently]
VI PT Portugais 4 traductions
VI NL Néerlandais 4 traductions
  • voldoende (adj) [equal to some requirement, sufficient]
  • adequaat (adj) [equal to some requirement]
  • genoeg (determiner adv pronoun int) [sufficient, sufficiently]
  • deugdelijk (adj) [equal to some requirement]
VI SV Suédois 4 traductions
  • adekvat (adj) [equal to some requirement]
  • nog (determiner adv pronoun int) [sufficient, sufficiently]
  • tillräckligt (determiner adv pronoun int) [sufficient, sufficiently]
  • tillämplig (adj) [equal to some requirement]
VI DE Allemand 3 traductions
  • adäquat (adj) [equal to some requirement]
  • angemessen (adj) [equal to some requirement]
  • genug (determiner adv pronoun int) [sufficient, sufficiently]
VI CS Tchèque 4 traductions
VI PL Polonais 7 traductions
VI DA Danois 2 traductions
VI BG Bulgare 4 traductions
VI HU Hongrois 3 traductions
  • elég (determiner adv pronoun int) [sufficient]
  • megfelelő (adj) [equal to some requirement] (adj)
  • adekvát (adj) [equal to some requirement] (adj)
VI RU Russe 9 traductions
VI SL Slovène 2 traductions
  • dovolj
  • dovòlj (determiner adv pronoun int) [sufficiently] (determiner adv pronoun int)
VI ZH Chinois 6 traductions
VI HI Hindi 1 traduction
VI JA Japonais 8 traductions
  • 足りる [sufficient] (tarite)
  • 十分に (determiner adv pronoun int) [sufficiently] (adv)
  • 十分 (adj) [equal to some requirement, sufficient] (adv)
  • 適当 (adj) [equal to some requirement] (adj)
  • 適切 (adj) [equal to some requirement] (adj)
  • 充分 (determiner adv pronoun int) [sufficient] (determiner adv pronoun int)
  • 充分に (determiner adv pronoun int) [sufficiently] (determiner adv pronoun int)
  • 足りて (determiner adv pronoun int) [sufficiently] (determiner adv pronoun int)