Addition a 116 traductions en 17 langues

traductions de Addition

FR EN Anglais 11 traductions
FR ES Espagnol 10 traductions
  • adición (n) [mathématiques, arithmetic: process of adding, thing added, act of adding] {m}
  • apéndice (n) [livre] {m}
  • añadidura (n) [act of adding]
  • factura [invoice] {f}
  • cuenta (n) [restaurant, a bill, particularly at a restaurant, restaurant bill] {f}
  • total (n) [mathématiques] {m}
  • suma [mathématiques, arithmetic: process of adding] {f}
  • Suma
  • secuencia (n) [suite] {f}
  • continuación (n) [suite] {f}
FR IT Italien 12 traductions
FR DE Allemand 14 traductions
FR PT Portugais 13 traductions
FR NL Néerlandais 11 traductions
FR SV Suédois 6 traductions
  • addition [arithmetic: process of adding] (u)
  • Addition
  • räkning (adj v n adv) [invoice] (u)
  • nota (adj v n adv) [restaurant bill, invoice, a bill, particularly at a restaurant] (u)
  • faktura (adj v n adv) [invoice] (u)
  • tillägg (n) [livre] {n}
FR CS Tchèque 4 traductions
FR PL Polonais 6 traductions
FR DA Danois 3 traductions
FR BG Bulgare 7 traductions
FR HU Hongrois 1 traduction
FR AF Afrikaans 1 traduction
FR RU Russe 5 traductions
FR SL Slovène 3 traductions
FR HI Hindi 1 traduction
FR JA Japonais 8 traductions
  • 加法
  • 勘定 (determiner pronoun) [invoice, a bill, particularly at a restaurant] (n v)
  • 付加 [act of adding] (n)
  • 追加 [act of adding] (n)
  • 添加 [arithmetic: process of adding] (n)
  • 足し算 [arithmetic: process of adding]
  • 請求書 (determiner pronoun) [invoice, a bill, particularly at a restaurant] (n v)
  • 建て増し [thing added] (n)