copa a 188 traductions en 19 langues

traductions de copa

ESFRFrançais19 traductions
  • coupe(n)[deportes, drinking vessel, religión, trophy, contest]{f}
  • calice(n)[religión]{m}
  • gobelet(n)[drinking vessel with a foot and stem]{m}
  • bonnet(n v)[part of bra]{m}
  • fragment(n v)[thin chiplike layer]{m}
  • coup(n v)[slang: any alcoholic drink]{m}
  • goutte(n v)[slang: any alcoholic drink]{f}
  • éclat(n v)[thin chiplike layer]{m}
  • verre(n v)[drinking vessel, slang: any alcoholic drink, served alcoholic beverage]{m}
  • verre à pied(n)[vino]{m}
  • canon(n v)[slang: any alcoholic drink]{m}
  • pinte(n v)[slang: any alcoholic drink]{f}
  • tasse(n v)[drinking vessel]{f}
  • verre à vin(n)[glass vessel for drinking wine from, vino]{m}
  • chopine(n v)[slang: any alcoholic drink]
  • bibine (colloquial)(n v)[slang: any alcoholic drink](n v)
  • jaja (colloquial)(n v)[slang: any alcoholic drink](n v)
  • bibine(n v)[any alcoholic beverage](adj)
  • canopée(n)[highest foliage and branches of a forest](n)
ESENAnglais7 traductions
ESPTPortugais13 traductions
  • cálice(n)[religión, vino, drinking vessel with a foot and stem]{m}
  • birita(n v)[any alcoholic beverage]{f}
  • copa(n v)[contest, highest foliage and branches of a forest]{f}
  • copo[drinking vessel]{m}
  • bojo(n v)[part of bra]{m}
  • bebida(n v)[any alcoholic beverage, served alcoholic beverage]{f}
  • drinque(v n)[served alcoholic beverage]{m}
  • floco(n v)[thin chiplike layer]{m}
  • taça(n)[deportes, drinking vessel, glass vessel for drinking wine from, trophy, vino]{f}
  • xícara(n v)[drinking vessel]{f}
  • copo de vinho(n)[vino]{m}
  • taça de vinho(n)[vino]{f}
  • chávena(n v)[drinking vessel]{f}
ESITItalien10 traductions
ESDEAllemand23 traductions
ESNLNéerlandais20 traductions
ESSVSuédois13 traductions
  • bägare(n)[drinking vessel with a foot and stem](u)
  • glas[drinking vessel]{n}
  • dricka(v n)[served alcoholic beverage](u)
  • flaga(n v)[thin chiplike layer](u)
  • glas på fot(n)[vino]{n}
  • pokal(n v)[contest, trophy](u)
  • kopp(n v)[drinking vessel](u)
  • turnering(n v)[contest](u)
  • vinglas(n)[glass vessel for drinking wine from, vino]{n}
  • kupa(n v)[part of bra]
  • flinga(n v)[thin chiplike layer]
  • drink(v n)[served alcoholic beverage]
  • cup(n v)[contest]
ESCSTchèque9 traductions
  • hrnek(n v)[drinking vessel]
  • drink(v n)[served alcoholic beverage]{m}
  • pití(v n)[served alcoholic beverage]{n}
  • sklenice(n v)[drinking vessel]{f}
  • šálek(n v)[drinking vessel]{m}
  • chlast(n v)[any alcoholic beverage]
  • pohár(n v)[contest, trophy]
  • vločka(n v)[thin chiplike layer]
  • košíček(n v)[part of bra](n v)
ESPLPolonais7 traductions
ESDADanois6 traductions
  • drink(v n)[served alcoholic beverage]
  • glas[drinking vessel]{n}
  • kop(n v)[drinking vessel]
  • skål(n v)[part of bra]
  • pokal(n v)[trophy](n v)
  • cup(n v)[contest](n v)
ESBGBulgare9 traductions
ESHUHongrois8 traductions
  • csésze(n v)[drinking vessel]
  • findzsa(n v)[drinking vessel]
  • ital(v n)[served alcoholic beverage]
  • pohár[drinking vessel]
  • borospohár(n)[glass vessel for drinking wine from](n)
  • pia(n v)[any alcoholic beverage](n v)
  • pehely(n v)[thin chiplike layer](n v)
  • serleg(n)[drinking vessel with a foot and stem](n)
ESAFAfrikaans5 traductions
  • glas[drinking vessel]
  • koppie(n v)[drinking vessel]
  • drankie(v n)[served alcoholic beverage]
  • dop(v n)[served alcoholic beverage](v n)
  • bie(n v)[thin chiplike layer](n v)
ESRURusse19 traductions
ESSLSlovène3 traductions
ESZHChinois1 traduction
ESHIHindi3 traductions
ESJAJaponais8 traductions
ESVIVietnamien5 traductions
  • chén(n v)[drinking vessel]
  • ly(n v)[drinking vessel]
  • tách(n v)[drinking vessel](n v)
  • vảy(n v)[thin chiplike layer](n v)
  • cốc(n v)[drinking vessel](n v)